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NFL – Destination Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins and the Redskins haven’t come close to working out a long-term deal, and there are no indications that anything has changed. Washington could place an unprecedented third consecutive franchise tag on Cousins this upcoming offseason, but it would cost close to $35 million.

If that price becomes prohibitive for the Redskins, Cousins could hit the market and become one of the few productive starting quarterbacks to ever reach free agency.

Before diving into why Cousins might (and might not) fit with the nine teams most likely to have starting QB needs in 2018, a quick word on the teams that did not make the cut. Rams coach Sean McVay was Cousins’ offensive coordinator from 2014 to ’16, but Jared Goff’s improved performance makes L.A. a less likely match. Likewise, four teams with aging quarterbacks — the Steelers, Chargers, Saints and Giants — could become more viable candidates as circumstances evolve. Denver? The Broncos like Trevor Siemian and still have Paxton Lynch, but with John Elway as GM, nothing ever seems off the table.

Illustrations by Brian Konnick

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