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The Sales Funnel For Effective Online Marketing

Apr 26

The sales funnel has been an integral part of conventional marketing and business for ages not known. It seems like the topic of funnels in Internet-based business is becoming more popular.

The truth of the matter is that people want to know more about this concept of marketing and the best way to use it in their online business marketing efforts. Read on to find out more about the sales funnel to effective Internet marketing.

The Sales Funnel: What is it?

A marketing funnel doesn't actually refer to the concept of a funnel. The marketing concept employs the word "funnel" to describe the sales process from beginning to finish. The funnel is a clear comparison because it permits potential customers to be "Unqualified prospects" at the top and narrower chances for conversions to sales at the lower levels.

The "unqualified prospects" Also known as those who aren't qualified are in the middle of the funnel. These are people who might require your product or service but haven't been approached prior to. After a series of sales calls and offers, you have reached customers who have purchased your products or services.

The effectiveness of a lead generation funnel comes down to its ability to allows you to track potential buyers' behavior throughout the lengthy sales process. Using the sales funnel by finding out the number of prospects who are qualified at each point of the process, it's possible to predict the amount of prospective customers who'll, after a while, turn into actual customers.

The sales funnel lets you to identify the areas where your sales strategy is failing and being successful. It also helps to determine if your marketing campaign is not reaching enough customers. This will help you decide the best place to focus your effort to make sure that sales are at the correct level and to meet the marketing objectives. It is a tool to manage and gauge the customer's sales process.

The Sales Funnel Top - Front - End

The top section of your sales funnel should undergo the most constant testing and will be the most engaged. Your imagination and resources will only limit the amount of front-end strategies that you could create.

The main goal of the front- end is to draw in prospective clients and convert them into buyers further down the sales process.

The potential customer is "qualified" when they sign up or subscribe to something that you offer. This is the point in the sales funnel where the prospective customer or "Unqualified prospect" is a qualified lead because they have taken actions which show they are interested enough to buy your product.

You must drive targeted traffic on your blog, website or squeeze page in order for your front-end to work. Article marketing, PPC ads, social media (Google+ Twitter, Facebook, YouTube), banners and blogs are among the most effective ways and tools to accomplish this.

There are many methods to "qualify" an "unqualified prospect. One of the more efficient methods is to use a squeeze page that allows you to provide something valuable that is relevant to your service or product that folks can get for free or drastically reduced price in exchange for their email address and name. There are many products available such as newsletters, videos, emails, courses, eBooks, and related reports.

This shows that people are drawn to your sales channel on the front end. Now what about the back-end?


The End of the Funnel, or the Back-End

The bottom or back end of the sales funnel is where main sales and profits are made. This area usually includes your most expensive products. Basically these would be relevant to the same niche but presented in different formats such as video, audio live interaction, or private consultation.

The main difference between front-end and back-end is the kind of client, and also the price of the service or product that are offered.

Even though it is the case that a tiny percentage of people be able to enter your front-end however, just 1-2% of them will be able to make it into your back-end. This is because a select few people will spend a larger amount of funds.

Products and services that are front-end may be priced at less than $100 but back-end services, products and products typically cost in the 100s and 1000s. This implies that the bottom of the sales channel, also called the back-end is the primary source of income.

The sales funnel is as simple or complex as you want it to be, as long you have the proper resources and the right ideas.

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