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Top Cannabis Stoner Accessories Every Smoker Needs

Jan 17

If you are an experienced cannabis consumer (maybe a "stoner"), you can disregard this post. Yes, it has only been a short time since recreational marijuana was allowed in Colorado, but we're willing to bet that there are still a large number of people who are inquisitive about cannabis or who have only tasted edibles. This essay is for their benefit. Having the proper cannabis accessories, such as high-quality grinders, rolling trays, and digital scales, can help elevate the act of smoking marijuana to an art form.

Welcome to the Realm of Recreational Cannabis!

Finding the best smoking device is an enjoyable procedure that allows you to experiment with various gadgets and learn more about the vast array of options. As marijuana becomes legalized in a growing number of jurisdictions in the United States and the rest of the world, customers are becoming increasingly curious about its potential medical and recreational uses. From easing tension and pain to unwinding after a hard day, there are essentially no limits.

This page contains information regarding smoking devices, including which one is best for you.

The Finest Marijuana Accessories for Flower Joint Rolling

Let's begin with the most basic and elementary technique of marijuana consumption: the joint. Even though we're a little bit old-fashioned, there are times when nothing beats rolling a joint and smoking it out of your favorite newspaper. This tried-and-true method of cannabis consumption is simple to learn, straightforward (once mastered), and stylish.

Presently, pre-rolled joints are widely accessible. If you've never used marijuana, this may be the best course of action. To become a true cannabis fan, though, one must know how to roll joints.

To enjoy a hand-rolled joint, the following elements are required:


Utilize a grinder to break up your marijuana before rolling a joint. In a standard grinder, the marijuana flower is placed inside the machine and ground into a powdery consistency that is ideal for rolling joints. A four-piece grinder is an excellent alternative because it is intended to rotate smoothly and has a tray that gathers any residual particles.

Rolling Papers

You will need a container to wrap your marijuana, and there are numerous options available. If you want to be more environmentally responsible, try using hemp paper. Even some businesses offer flavored paper!


These aid in rolling a tight, even joint and keep the rolling paper in place while the joint is being filled.


Because pipes are as unique and individual as their owners, each smoker usually discovers a pipe that they fall in love with. They are also easily accessible, user-friendly, and available at various price points. Here are some examples of several types:


This type of pipe is popular with smokers because to its small size, portability, and convenience. As they only contain enough marijuana for a few hits before needing to be repacked, they are not intended for social use. In terms of their shapes and embellishments, chillums are extraordinarily versatile, and they are often fairly affordable.

Spoon or Unfiltered Hand Pipe

The majority of people visualize these when they hear the term "pipe." There is a bowl for holding cannabis, a mouthpiece, and sometimes a valve to regulate the amount of inhalation.


Before reaching the mouthpiece, smoke is diluted with water via pipes known as bubblers. They utilize this mechanism to disperse the smoke, resembling little bongs. While one-piece bubblers are more portable and less likely to spill, those with detachable bowls are simpler to clean.


Classic among cannabis consumers are bongs. They are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and styles for marijuana consumption. The two most common types of bongs are the water bong and the gravity bong.

Water Bong Smoke is disseminated via a water-filled chamber in water bongs, which helps to cool the smoke and makes the hits smoother. These are the most often utilized bongs.

Gravity Bong

A gravity bong draws smoke into its chamber using the laws of gravity. As the water flows from one container to the next, the gap left by the smoke is filled with smoke, and the containers are successively filled with water. This means less work for the smoker, but proceed with caution because certain hits can be rather terrifying.

Benefits of Using a Bong 

Benefits of Using a Bong  Water aids in capturing and removing larger airborne particles, pollutants, and other contaminants that could otherwise enter your airways and lungs.

Cooling: One of the most frequently touted advantages of water bongs is their ability to cool smoke before intake. There is a possibility that the marijuana smoke in your room will irritate your lungs and throat, causing you to cough.

Sociable: Because bongs are commonly designed to hold huge quantities of flower, sharing and dispersing them between friends or during social occasions is typically effortless.


Vaporizers are not strictly "smoking" devices, but they are so similar and so widely used that we have decided to add them.

Often, vaping is advertised as a potentially safer alternative to smoking. When you vape, you inhale a concentrated vapor of the active chemicals in your cannabis (terpenes, CBD, THC, etc.) without inhaling smoke or other potentially harmful combustion byproducts.

Numerous smokers seek discretion, therefore vaping equipment is typically compact and unobtrusive. Due to the high concentration of active substances in the vapor, they can also provide a stronger and more satisfying experience.

Helping Hands Carries Weed Accessories

Smoking marijuana has been a popular activity for decades and remains so now. Although there are alternative methods of cannabis use, smoking remains the most frequent. You may read this blog post from Helping Hands Cannabis to know more about this topic: