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Best-Rated Vape Manufacturers in Colorado

Mar 9

How can you choose which cannabis vape is the finest in Colorado, which is home to a range of amazing vapes? It can be tough to make a selection when there are numerous viable alternatives. Let's discuss the distinguishing characteristics of some of Colorado's most prominent vape producers.

Should You Make Use of a Vape?

Vaping is a contentious topic among cannabis fans, as could be expected. Casual cannabis consumers view vaping as a cleaner, healthier, and more convenient alternative to other methods of consumption, whereas hard-core stoners view the practice negatively. Regardless of your opinion on electronic cigarettes, you cannot deny their stratospheric surge in popularity over the past several years, particularly among young people. Although some individuals are purists regarding how they consume cannabis, the vast majority of pot smokers consider vaping a valid option.

When vaping-related health issues arose for the first time in 2018, they merely increased the sector's complexity. The media coverage put a fresh shadow over vaping, despite the fact that the lung ailments were mostly connected to additives in low-quality vape brands (many of the nicotine type, not cannabis).

All of the aforementioned local makers of vape pens and carts use only food-grade materials. If you purchase an item from this suggested list, you may do so with the assurance that it is both secure and of superior quality. Without further ado, I present several of Colorado's top e-cigarette producers:

710 Labs

In addition to its live resin pods, 710 Labs sells a variety of different THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) products, including butane hash oil (BHO) and solvent-free products. The company takes great pleasure in the quality of their ingredients. By adhering to an unique method for producing and extracting their concentrates, they assure that the finished product is totally natural and free of synthetic chemicals.

Green Dot

Although Colorado is home to a huge number of cannabis extraction companies, only a small fraction of these companies engage in cannabis growing. GreenDot Labs, a company founded in Boulder, produces vape cartridges of rare and uncommon strains that are high in terpenes and free of additives.


There are no harmful chemicals or solvents used in the manufacturing of Dablogic vape products. Colorado-based Dablogic's water-ice-pressure extractor produces some of the purest concentrates available. Many competitors struggle to make cartridges of the same caliber as their concentrates, however Dablogic produces exceptional goods of the highest quality. This is undeniably an expensive option, but it is definitely worth the cost.


Lazercat doesn't hold any punches when it comes to marketing its vape products. People say things like, "They'll never be as good as a dab, but you can't beat the convenience."

Due to the solvent-free rosin formulation's high potency, concentrate enthusiasts may get more for their money with this premium alternative, and regular dabbers will get a more powerful and fulfilling impact than with the majority of other cartridges.


Evolab, one of the oldest vape stores in the state, sells anything from disposable hash pens with fruity flavors to supposedly less euphoric Delta-8 THC cartridges. Evolab's Chroma cartridge contains just cannabis terpenes and cannabis oil. It is available in a variety of THC-to-CBD ratios, as well as in pure THC or CBD forms.

Natty Rems

The founders of Natty Rems are the same individuals who successfully operated the Natural Remedies dispensary in Denver's central business district. These cartridges do not contain any fillers.

As cannabis usage expands, particularly among young people, competition in the vaping industry has intensified. These e-cigarette manufacturers are among the most well-known and reputable in Colorado. All of these businesses take great effort to include safe and delicious extracts and components in their goods. 

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