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Pros and Cons of Having a Medical Card in Missouri

Mar 19

Missouri became the 33rd state in the US to legalize medical marijuana in 2018. The Missouri Medical Marijuana Program allows patients with qualifying conditions to obtain a medical marijuana card, which grants them access to legal cannabis products. While having a medical card can benefit patients, it also comes with its own pros and cons. This article will discuss the pros and cons of having a medical card in Missouri.


  • Legal Access to Cannabis

Legal access to cannabis is an incredible perk of having a medical card. Instead of being forced to take the risk of purchasing from illegal sources, patients with medical cards can go to local dispensaries and pick up safe reliable cannabis products. It's so convenient: all you have to do is find a dispensary in your area that's licensed by the state, and you can instantly get what you need without any worry. Legal access means you can enjoy cannabis safely - no more anxious waiting or sneaking around for your medicine.

  • Higher Potency Limits

Missouri residents with medical cards have a unique advantage - access to higher-potency cannabis products. These products may provide much-needed relief for those suffering from various medical issues. This increased potency is advantageous, allowing patients to take less product overall. As such, they can enjoy their medication's benefits while taking less quantity and saving money in the long run – a bonus.

  • More Product Options

If you're a medical marijuana patient in Missouri, you're in luck. You can access many different cannabis products that recreational users don't have. We're not just talking flowers here - there are tinctures, topicals, edibles, and more. It's great because it allows patients to try whatever delivery method works best for them. No more having to settle with whatever's available regarding using medical marijuana.

  • Cost Savings

Missouri residents with medical cannabis cards can take advantage of tremendous cost-saving measures. Tax rates are lower when it comes to medical marijuana, so that can add up over time. Plus, many dispensaries offer discounts exclusively to medical patients, so getting a medical card definitely pays off in the long run. All in all, having a medical card just makes sense for patients looking to save on their cannabis needs.

  • Legal Protection

Those living in Missouri with a medical cannabis card can relax and rest easy knowing they're legally protected from potential arrest and prosecution for using cannabis as medicine. Having peace of mind is invaluable when dealing with any condition or illness, so this protection benefits those who need it. Knowing that their medical marijuana use is within the law helps them heal without fear of the consequences. This legal safeguarding should be appreciated by anyone needing the help that cannabis can provide.


  • Cost of Application

No one should have to weigh financial struggles against their health. Unfortunately, this is an all-too-real challenge for those applying for medical cards in Missouri. A medical card application fee costs $25, plus the cost of a doctor's visit for certification and any other fees associated with the process - it can add up. It can be especially tough on those living paycheck to paycheck or fixed incomes, which are already too familiar.

  • Limited Qualifying Conditions

It's a real shame that only certain medical conditions qualify for medical marijuana cards in Missouri, as it can mean the difference between having access to safe and helpful medication and not. Not only is the list of qualifying conditions more limited here than in many other states, but it also means that some may miss out on the adept care that medical marijuana offers. Hopefully, as more studies come out and knowledge about cannabis medicine grows, we'll continue to see this list opening up so we can support a more significant number of patients.

  • Possible Stigma

It can be difficult for some to obtain a medical marijuana card, especially if they come from conservative backgrounds or are older. Unfortunately, the stigma associated with cannabis use can make it hard for some to find the courage to seek out the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Even though it has been legalized in Missouri, there is still an underlying fear of being judged by others, which can keep potential patients from taking advantage of this beneficial form of treatment. While learning more about the many ways that cannabis products can improve quality of life may help some overcome their reservation, it is also essential to have adequate support from friends and family throughout this journey.

  • Lack of Insurance Coverage

Despite being legal in Missouri, cannabis for medical purposes remains widely unavailable due to a lack of insurance coverage. It is a massive problem for many patients who rely on the treatments available through cannabis, as they must foot the bill for any products themselves. With no support from insurance companies, obtaining the necessary quantity of cannabis can be an unaffordable expense for many suffering from chronic illnesses or conditions. Allowing insurers to cover these medications could make a huge difference in patient’s lives by improving access and reducing costs.

  • Limited Availability

Finding medical marijuana products in Missouri can be tricky. Even though it's legal, the program is still new, and it may be challenging to locate a dispensary nearby. That means patients might drive an hour out of their way - or more - to find medical marijuana products. Not only is this time-consuming and exhausting, but also expensive due to gasoline costs. Thankfully, availability should increase with more time, and these issues could be tackled easily.

Bottom Line

Missouri's medical marijuana cards are an excellent option for those looking for a natural solution to chronic and debilitating conditions. Currently, there are clear benefits and drawbacks associated with having a medical card in the state - from legally purchasing cannabis from dispensaries to the somewhat limited range of qualifying conditions. It’s important to understand that obtaining a medical card requires making an informed decision based on your personal needs and preferences. Researching all aspects can help ensure you make an educated choice about whether or not it’s right for you. As more states across America continue to legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational use, it remains essential to stay up-to-date on changing cannabis laws, regulations, and news to make confident decisions when it comes to obtaining medications like medical marijuana cards.