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Can hashish assist with body-damaging behaviors? | Leafly


Roughly 5% of Americans stay with a body-focused repetitive habits (BFRB), corresponding to compulsive hair pulling, nail biting, or pores and skin choosing. In lots of circumstances, BFRBs are born from a have to self-soothe, and those that expertise them could discover themselves regularly performing a BFRB with little or no consciousness of the actual fact. 

Not like those that self-harm, individuals with BFRBs sometimes don’t intend to inflict pain on themselves or trigger bodily injury to their our bodies, however all BFRBs trigger victims to repeatedly contact their hair, physique, or each, in in the end damaging methods. Relying on the BFRB, they’ll result in bald spots, scarring, sores, infections, and different points. 

There’s nonetheless a lot to study BFRBs, however hashish and hemp-derived CBD could also be used to assist deal with these problems, or on the very least, present some much-needed reduction to those that stay with them. 


Cannabis and OCD: What does the science say?

Forms of body-focused repetitive behaviors 

Whereas hair pulling, (trichotillomania) nail biting (onychophagia), and pores and skin choosing (excoriation) could also be among the many most well-known BFRBs, the TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors states on its web site that any repetitive self-grooming habits that entails biting, pulling, choosing, or scraping one’s personal hair, pores and skin, or nails and ends in injury to the physique might be included beneath the BFRB umbrella. 

Dr. Laszlo Mechtler, Medical Officer of Jushi Holdings, cites lip biting, cheek biting, nail choosing, scab consuming, knuckle cracking, tooth grinding, and pores and skin biting as only a few grooming-related behaviors that may be outlined as BFRBs.

Causes of body-focused repetitive behaviors

“Whereas the precise reason for BFRBs stays an enigma, it’s thought that these underlying problems are associated to obsessive-compulsive dysfunction and are triggered at the very least partially by anxiousness,” stated Dr. Mechtler. 

Particularly, hair pulling and pores and skin choosing are categorized beneath “Obsessive-Compulsive and Associated Problems” within the Diagnostic and Statistical Guide of Psychological Problems, Fifth Version (DSM-5). Nevertheless, though BFRBs share some signs with OCD, it must be famous that not all BFRBs are grouped beneath the OCD label. 


Cannabis and Depression

Throughout the board, anxiousness and stress appear to play a major position the place BFRBs are involved, and despair may also be an underlying trigger. Dr. Junella Chin, Chief Medical Officer of askCMD.com, stated it’s essential to work with a healthcare supplier to search out out whether or not a BFRB is anxiety- or depression-induced. 

It’s additionally believed that temperament, surroundings, age of onset, stressors, and even genetic predisposition could play an element within the growth of BFRBs, in accordance with the TLC Basis. 

In actual fact, a 2014 article that reviewed a number of twin and household research discovered a connection between genetics and the event of OCD and associated problems, corresponding to hair pulling and pores and skin choosing. Relating to hair pulling specifically, one research on twins reviewed estimated a 76% probability of heritability, however one other estimated solely 32%. 

Childhood trauma has been regarded as a possible reason for compulsive hair pulling, however according to the TLC Foundation, as an entire, individuals with BFRBs don’t appear to expertise formative years trauma at increased charges than the overall inhabitants.


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How hashish can assist with BRFBs

Dr. Mechtler cites endocannabinoid deficiency as a attainable reason for BRFBs. “The Endocannabinoid Deficiency Concept states that there are a mess of circumstances, i.e., anxiousness, migraine, power ache, IBD, and so forth., that are triggered partially or in complete by low ranges of naturally produced cannabinoids,” he stated. This principle additionally states that these circumstances could also be improved and handled by supplementing the physique with plant-based cannabinoids corresponding to THC or CBD, he stated. 

“A small pilot research with dronabinol discovered that this is usually a attainable remedy in lowering trichotillomania [hair pulling]. Dronabinol is an artificial THC and it considerably diminished the impulsive habits of the topics in this study,” stated Dr. Chin. 

Within the research, 14 girls affected by compulsive hair-pulling got 2.5-15mg of the artificial THC each day, over the course of 12 weeks. The each day dronabinol doses resulted in a major discount in compulsive hair pulling signs for 9 of the ladies. 

Regardless, it’s essential to do not forget that THC could ease anxiousness, and in flip ease BFRBs. However for some, relying on how their physique interacts with hashish, THC may increase anxiety


How to use cannabis for anxiety

Happily, a wealth of anecdotal evidence and numerous recent studies present that CBD-rich hashish strains and hemp-derived CBD merchandise can considerably cut back anxiousness for most individuals, which suggests they need to assist present reduction for a lot of with anxiety-induced BFRBs. “CBD could also be useful together with cognitive behavioral remedy to scale back demanding, obsessive, compulsive, and anxious tendencies,” stated Dr. Chin. 

Dr. Mechtler and his crew are endeavor research and evaluating using cannabinoid-based therapies for an entire host of circumstances and illnesses. “One constant theme we see in our analysis is that use of medical hashish merchandise, whether or not that may be a high-quality, third-party examined, hemp-based CBD product … or via medical marijuana-sourced state packages, sometimes ends in a major enchancment of the research inhabitants’s anxiousness,” stated Dr. Mechtler. “As anxiousness is probably going a causal think about BFRB, we will deal with BFRBs with medical hashish by relieving the associated underlying anxieties.” 

CBD merchandise may assist by bettering restorative sleeping patterns and assuaging power ache, stated Dr. Mechtler, since each are related to lowering anxiousness ranges. 

Whereas individuals with BFRBs could discover hashish and hemp-derived CBD merchandise useful, it’s really useful to contain a educated clinician in remedy choices, as hashish and hemp-derived CBD might not be probably the most applicable remedy possibility. “It’s essential to recollect hashish will not be a panacea. Different choices {that a} well-qualified clinician could counsel may embrace behavioral remedy, typical pharmaceutical interventions, and/or complement remedy,” stated Dr. Mechtler.

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