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Nov 2

A sign that your air ducts need to be cleaned

Your air conditioner is likely to crank up even though it's already very hot. Regular maintenance will help make your home's cooling system last longer, much like it would for your car. Cleaning the air ducts is one of the services you need to consider to prolong the life of your HVAC system.


Although you should replace filters on a regular routine In the event of a breakdown, your HVAC service's colorado Springs will be a need and clean for all-day use. Additionally, your air ducts will be a preferred hideout for dust, dirt, and allergens. Dust and dirt can create pollution indoors and make your system more challenging to operate. This will not only increase your energy expenditures but could also make it harder for you to maintain your system.


Are your ducts dirty? Here are 5 indicators that your air ducts are filthy!



We all know how harmful dust can be for our health, mould is totally different! It's not just an aggravation of allergies and respiratory difficulties, however, it could also be spread across your home.


It is possible for mold to grow within the ducts you use due to condensation within your cooling and heating system, particularly in humid areas. Although mold may be visible on the vent covers, certain parts of your cooling and heating system are difficult to reach as well, making mold growth in your air ducts especially difficult to see visually. However, mold, on the other hand, could be difficult to identify however, it usually emits an unpleasant odor.




Does your home get dusty no matter how many times you wash it? Dusting isn't a fun activity however, it's something that we all have to do once and then. If you find that dust has settled across the entire surface of your home, clean your ducts immediately when you've completed cleaning.


Dust, dirt pet dander, and other harmful particles can be found within the air ducts of even the most hygienic homes. You may see dust flowing out of the HVAC system's vents once it is turned on. Take a look at the air supply as well as return vents throughout your home.


Insects or rodents have invaded the pipes


Mice and squirrels as well as insects can infiltrate your air ducts from time to time. Vermin may also leave behind traces of bacteria. Rodents can infiltrate the ductwork and create nests. They also leave droppings that release small amounts of fecal microbes throughout the system. These spores may then make their way into your home which can contaminate the air that you breathe.


Rodents love to live in ducts. They'll chew on the ducts or locate an unprotected entry point. Once rodents have settled in the ductwork in your home, it could become a highway for them to use to get around the house.


Your home is either brand new or has recently gone through significant renovations.


Construction is often a disaster. Dust and debris will always make their way into the site even when contractors are fastidious about cleaning up and shutting off work areas to ensure the remainder of the building is spotless.


The price of energy is rising.


It is important to predict your cooling and heating costs from year to year. If you receive a bill that is substantially higher than last year, it may result from dirty ductwork.


If the ductwork gets dirty and dirty, air can't move easily and efficiently through the HVAC system of your home. Your furnace and air cooling system will have more energy to maintain an ideal temperature. This can result in higher utility bills for the family and you.

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