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Join The Velio Cycling Festival For Some Post-COVID Fun


The Velio Cycling festival will happen between 17th and 20th September. You can join this festival to have lots of post-COVID fun. There will be cycling, and lots of other things you can expect a great cycling festival to have in this beautifully designed festival.

You can Enjoy this festival at your own pace, and can enjoy the latest cycle releases with a mix of high quality music from artists from around the country.

There will be rides ranging from 3km all the way up to 100km that you can choose from in this festival. This, according to the organizer of the event, is one of the most immersive cycling experiences in the world. That is including all the food, festivity, shopping and music you will be able to enjoy there.

You can also enhance your experience bicycling in the indoor arena, and can use world class cycling help and services to Enjoy world class facilities. You can also rent a bike, or take your own bike there. There’s also dedicated bike storage options available to help ensure the safety of your bike.

Wait, There’s More

This Event won’t only have high quality music for your ears, but comedy will also be available to help you feel relaxed. Lots of famous comedians are expected to show up at the scene.

If you don’t like these things, you’ll be able to enjoy DJs, child entertainment means, screenings of films, brass playing bands and more. You can learn and indulge in yoga, learn to meditate, get dog therapy, enjoy hot tubs, have some walks guided by professionals, races and some other things as well.

So, the list of possibilities at this event is endless if you are looking to have a lot of fun after the COVID-19 pandemic.